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About Me


22nd September 1948


Teaching Certificate - Main Level I, Diploma of Education (Advanced), BA (Hons)


Born in Yorkshire and grammar school educated, we moved first to Buckinghamshire where I completed my secondary education. I left home to work in various administration posts including the Civil Service and IBM. Frustrated with this type of work I moved on to Teacher Training College and after gaining my Certificate I taught for 27 years in Bedfordshire in both secondary schools and latterly at Luton Sixth Form College. Enjoyable and challenging as teaching is, I was frustrated by various governments interfering with the education system and made a complete career change.

This led me to Hampshire and a small, village Post Office which I ran successfully until I retired in 2016. The plan for retirement was to move to the South of France but Brexit intervened and after much heart searching I came to the English Riviera as the next best thing. Here I have become an active member of Torbay Labour Party and was elected CLP Secretary in February of this year. I am enjoying the responsibility along with the knowledge that I can make a difference to people's lives.


Together with my distrust of anything any government introduces to our secondary education system I have become increasingly concerned with the inequality I see every day. I am also dismayed with the amount of privatisation in our NHS, Social Services and Housing; the hostile environment towards immigrants and the swingeing effects of austerity.


Investment in the country to create high productivity jobs, a housebuilding programme and rent control. Universal Credit to be scrapped and a real living wage introduced immediately and a reduction of inequality. Sustained action on climate change. Scrapping of university fees along with a complete analysis of our compulsory education system to ensure all children reach their full potential.